Miyamoto Omoikane

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Miyamoto Omoikane

Birthday: April 7th, 70 years old

Gender: Male

Weight: 185lbs

Height: 5’11”

Blood Type: B+

Eye color: One Black, one Byakugan

Hair Style: Shoulder length (long)

Bloodline Limit(s): Magnet Release (Earth, Lightning, Wind)Byakugan (Acquired from a killed/defeated Kanekumori-san (Surgically Implanted)

Bloodline Selection(s): -/-

Clan(s): Miyamoto-Ke (Head)

Occupation(s): Daimyō of the Land of Earth

Classification(s): Nio Zen Buddhist, Onmyōji, Reincarnated Fourth Tsuchikage, Former Daimyō of the Land of Stone, Rōren Sōhei, Tokubetsu Sōhei, Shodai no Kami no Onchō Bujutsu-ryū.

Affiliation(s): Ishi no Kuni, Iwagakure no Sato, Stone Temple of Shadow & Light.

[ Bingo Book ]: Bocchiere-san, Dāto-san, Isaribi-san, Mariko-san, Mokutan-san, Nara-san, Nii-san, Saiteki-san, All Mizukage


Sōheijutsu no Bunrui: Bukijutsu, Hiden, Chakura Kyūin Jutsu, Ningendō, Ninshū, Onmyōton, Senzoku no Sai Chakra, and Tensei (One's Own Life Ephemeral Devotion - Enacted)

Bukijutsu: Khakkhara, Kenjutsu (Mastered) (Katana), (Iaido), Shurikenjutsu

Fuinjutsu: Hiden, Makimono (Fuinjutsu, Juinjutsu, Sōgu)

Sōhei no Jutsu:  Fūinjutsu (Mastered), Hiden (Mastered), Inton, Juinjutsu (Mastered), Kekkei, Yōton

Kuchiyose (Specialization) (Mastered): Yōkai (Doki, Mōryō, Shinigami, Shikigami, Onryou, Umibōzu, and Yūrei)

Nature Type: Earth (Expert), Lightning (Mastered), Wind (Mastered)

  • Learned "Rasengan" from Koji


  • Bell Charm
  • Katana
  • Multi-purpose, combat-oriented sunglasses
  • Flesh colored Chakra-canceling earplugs
  • Gas Mask
  • Mesh armor
  • Traditional armor
  • Tan Ghost Pot


1.       Kuchiyose: Raikō Kenka

2.       Oni no Juinjutsu

3.       Dharma Power Sealing Technique: Sen no Rikyū


Favorite Technique(s): Curse Seal, Summoning


     The Miyamoto-Ke was a very old family native to the region before it became the Land of Stone. This family used live simply as a shamanists. However, once the Warring States Period began, religious orders and militants in the region banned together and joined resources under the name Miyamoto-Shi (Bandō-Ke, Mononobe-Ke, Hatakeyama-Ke, Imori-Ke, Jūzawa-Ke, Kanzaki-Ke, Ōe-Ke, Sagisawa-Ke, Umehara-Ke). The clan then designed a curriculum around the use of Bukijutsu and chakra based techniques (inspired by the offensive use of Ninshū to preserve their way of life. After many battles, the Miyamoto-Shi gained control of the region as a collective of Warrior Monks.

     The clan organized cells' of egalitarian orders throughout the region's various secular countries and staged takeovers within each as a group of unified religious military-political agents. Throughout the warring states period their military might tripled eventually conquered the region and kept more established nations at bays. The clan brought an end to the warring states period in the region and were able to expand peacefully. Post-Warring States period the clan canonized the teachings of their unique and battle tested curriculum, the Warrior Monk Arts; a combination of Inton and Bukijutsu design with input from each family. This discipline is taught at each of the three grand temples in the region and the thirty-five lesser temples and the eighty-three lesser shrines. Further, because Ishi no Kuni is considered a neutral village the Warrior Monk Arts have been relegated to "secret tradition" through the whole nation and are attended to with strict confidence in the three grand temples. These techniques allows practitioners a cherished opportunity to master Bukijutsu, manipulate chakra, interact with others souls, and commune with spirits. With the way the world is now, the Warrior Monk Arts are a necessary tool for protecting Ishi no Kuni. A force pivotal in keep foreign political and military institutions of surrounding nations at bay.

     The clans in the region of the Land of Stone are neutral, benevolent organizations now that the Warring States Period has passed. Like the Samurai of the Land of Snow, monastic orders protect the Land of Stone. Every branch house in the clan still maintains the curriculum that was in place during the Warring States Period

      In the modern age Omoikane – son of Batou and Chiyome Miyamoto – was raised to become an eighth generation warrior monk with three other siblings. He excelled through each chapter of the Warrior Monk Arts, Kashin Sōryo fifteen (Vassal Monk, protecting Lords/Sohei) Sōhei at nineteen (usually people become Warrior Monks at twenty one). Despite his progress in school and however much honor he was bringing to his clan Omoikane felt a larger calling upon his life. At nineteen he left his monastic order and traveled out of the region to hire himself out to Iwagakure. Unlike the rest of his family and counter parts, Omoikane was curious about the world outside of Ishi no Kuni and was confident in his ability to explore lands outside of his home nation. As a result, he set out to explore the northern territories. His first stop was in Iwagakure.

      In no time he developed a profound fondness for the village and its people. He decided to stay and worked as a bodyguard for some "very expensive clients." The then Kage, Hideisamu Ryouichi decided to take Miyamoto Omoikane on as his personal student before his death. During his time as Hideisamu's personal student, Omoikane proved himself a quick learner. Within five years Omoikane had discovered his three chakra natures and a Kekkei Genkai (Magnet Release)!

At twenty-seven, Iwagakure was attacked by the vicious shinobi Bocchiere. Unwilling to risk his life for his adopted village, Omoikane fled the nation and returned to Ishi no Kuni. He felt no shame in his departure because he wasn't ever truly apart of the Ninja World to begin with. He was rejoiced by his family and thoroughly appreciated upon his return.

     Upon his return his family, his entire clan decided to rewrite the old way and installed a new modern system in the Land of Stone. With Omoikane as their teacher, the Miyamoto-Shi learned a lot about the Ninja World and Ninjutsu. Because of Omoikane's experiences, clout and abilities his family was exulted to an even higher position within society. As time went on the Miyamoto clan asserted even greater dominance and established dynasty, appointing Miyamoto Omoikane as their first Kage in Ishigakure. A year had passed and Omoikane was twenty-eight; at thirty he founded the Kami no Onchō Bujutsu-ryū and spent the following two years focused on the construction of the Grand Stone Temple of Shadow and Light.

     The next year Omoikane became the Daimyō of Ishi no Kuni after having earned a fortune and accomplishing all that has been previously described. In his thirties, Omoikane claimed the title, Sage of the Inner Path. Omoikane, in a bold move decided to return to Iwagakure no Sato for diplomatic relationship with the Seventh Tsuchikage Yomohiro Toshiro (The Miyamoto-Ke inducted the Yomohiro-Ke into their clan because of this agreement). Since there was a vacancy in the title of Daimyō of Iwa no Kuni, the Miyamoto-Shi seized the opportunity to take power in Iwa no Kuni as well. Omoikane relinquished the title of Daimyō of Ishi no Kuni and installed himself as Daimyō of Iwa no Kuni with Yomohiro Toshiro’s recommendation. He now resides in his castle in Iwagakure surrounded by his pleased and loyal retainers, friendly homeland clans, his lovely wife and triplets: Goemon, Akira and Ashitaka.

Miyamoto Clan: